WordPress Speed Optimization Service

We make your WordPress / WooCommerce site blazing fast, ultra secure & keep it running at peak performance.

We’re your dedicated WordPress & WooCommerce optimization team with a laser focus on keeping your site blazing fast, ultra secure and performing at it’s best.

Expert Certified
2-5 day turnaround
14-Day Guarantee
Optimizing WordPress sites of all sizes

Feeling stuck with your site speed? We help you move the needle.

We’ll chip away at the layers holding back your site’s performance, resulting in an improved customer experience and boosted sales.

Improve your Google Pagespeed insights score
Pass your core web vitals assessment
Optimize your entire site for peak performance & security

Blazing fast load times

Advanced, full-site audits and deep speed optimizations to move the needle.

Bulletproof security

Enhanced security and malware protection, ensuring your site is locked down 24/7.

Premium support

Our special ops dev team is here to support any WordPress or WooCommerce tech challenge.

The DNA of what we do

We eat, breath and sleep WordPress and performance. Here’s just some of our service offerings.

Verified expertise
Flexible payment options

Deep site technical analysis

Comprehensive evaluation of your website to identify speed and performance issues.

WordPress optimization tweaks

Removing the fluff and optimizing your WordPress default configuration for optimal performance.

WooCommerce optimization

Streamlining WooCommerce for faster product loading and improved customer experience.

Server / hosting optimization & migrations

Enhancing server settings for speed, and seamless migration to optimized hosting.

Database optimization

Cleaning and optimizing the database to reduce server load and increase response times.

Theme optimization

Reducing theme bloat, tweaking themes for better performance, quicker load times, and improved user experience.

Plugin cleanup & optimization

Removing leftover plugin junk, ensuring plugins run efficiently, and eliminating unnecessary load on your site.

Script & styles optimization

Reducing, minimizing and prioritizing your loaded script and styles.

3rd-party asset optimization

Streamlining assets from external sources to improve speed and stability.

Debugging & Bug fixing

Identifying and resolving issues that may be affecting your site’s performance.

Security hardening

Implementing advanced security measures to protect your site from threats.

Our Stats

Achieving warp speed for all areas of your site

On average we achieve the following performance improvements across our customer sites:


Average load time

On average our customers load at or faster than 1.2s.


Page generation time

On average our we reduce WordPress page generation time by 50%.


DB size reduction

On average our work helps reduce database size by 40%.


Memory usage

On average our work helps to reduce server memory usage by 25%

Increase conversions

A 1-second delay in page load time yields 7% loss in conversions.

Improve SEO results

Google loves fast sites. The faster your site, the better the ranking.

Make customers happy

A 1-second delay in page load time yields 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.

Who we are

Your site is backed by an expert WordPress optimization crew

LightSpeedWP is a service of Tribe Interactive, a premier WordPress development and marketing agency headquartered in San Diego, CA. 

We eat, sleep and breath WordPress, WooCommerce and it’s eco-systems. We’ve worked with all of plugins you know and love (or hate). We’ve seen and worked through more problems and bugs than we can count. Rest assured we’ve got you covered.

Our process

Working with us is super easy

Once you sign up with us we begin your optimization process:



Fill out a short, secure form that outlines your current setup, credentials and contact info.


Kick-off call

We jump on a quick call to meet each other and explain how we’ll work best together.



We dive into auditing your site, identifying any problems and/or areas that need improvement.



We begin optimizing, securing and stabilizing your WordPress site to perform at it’s best.

“After numerous horrible experiences with website people, Tribe has been a breathe of fresh air.”​
Gabby Kalenka
Best Ever Pads
“LightspeedWP was very efficient and was able to quickly optimize my high traffic blog.”​
Julian Peterson
Plans & Pricing

Let us take your site speed to the stars

Get your site optimized within 1 week. Signup and schedule your kick-off today.


Audit & consultation only

We’ll audit your site and provide a 1-hour consultation on our findings



Advanced technical site audit
Full report on our findings and recommendations
1-hour consultation call


Audit & optimization for small to medium sized sites

We’ll audit your site and provide a 1-hour consultation on our findings



Advanced technical site audit
Hosting optimization
Database optimization
Page builder optimization
Plugin audit + optimization
Scripts & styles optimization
1-hour consultation call
Before & after speed report


Best Value

Audit & optimization for large or ecommerce sites

We’ll audit your site and provide a 1-hour consultation on our findings



Advanced technical site audit
Hosting optimization
WooCommerce optimization
Advanced Database optimization
Image optimization
Page builder optimization
Advanced plugin audit + optimization
Theme optimization
Scripts & styles optimization
Security scan + hardening
1-hour consultation call
30-day support
Before & after speed report

14-day money back guarantee

We take pride in our work and believe we can make a strong impact on your site. But, if for some strange reason we’re unable to make an improvement on the speed of your website, we’ll give you your money back.

Frequently Asked Questions

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